Our Story

Learn about a team dedicated to inspiring with quality plastering crafting

Established in the late 70’s Plasterline has been manufacturing plaster glass products for more than three decades. Plaster glass is a building material used to protect and enhance the appearance for walls and ceilings as well as moulding other decorative features.

When we began, we primarily manufactured plaster glass sheets and a standard type of cornice. However, over time, trends evolved and plasterboard (paper covered plaster, which we see today) was introduced, reducing the demand for plaster glass sheets.

Eventually, as we were involved in supplying and installing ceilings to some of the bigger volume builders of the time, we had to scale back operations. This did not discourage us and the passion we have for our trade only grew, which stood us in good stead.

We have become the leading company in custom moulding and replication of old design. Plasterline has the largest range of products in some areas, with a large display at our Osborne Park location that is sure to inspire anyone who has an appreciation of design.

Our reputation has grown because we are one of the few companies able to supply and install its own products, undertaking all works from simple renovations, to commercial, to top end homes and heritage work.

We take great pride in our unique ability to enhance homes and commercial buildings across Australia. Over the years we have amassed considerable knowledge, honed our skills assembled a team of dedicated professionals and maintained the most important aspect of our service, the quality.

Contact us today and secure the services of the experts in plaster glass products.